At First Foundation Advisors, we seek to maximize your capital by identifying the core needs and then determining how best to leverage any excess capital.

  • Expand icon Planning for Individuals
  • To successfully navigate today's complex financial environment, you need an advisor who can look at the big picture of where you are now - and consider where you want to be in the future - and who help you create a comprehensive financial plan.

    Many individuals overlook the need to maintain proper cash allocation by budgeting cash needs against cash flows. As part of our services, First Foundation Advisors offers the ability to work with you to plan for necessary cash outlays, to have funds available to reinvest or to have available liquidity for those unexpected situations.

  • Expand icon Planning for Families and Legacy Planning
  • Through our affiliate at First Foundation Bank we understand family dynamics and look to become trusted counsel to the family, providing advice that protects the legacy of the family as well as the family dynamic.

    Most advisors think of maintaining the wealth of an individual over a lifetime – at First Foundation, we take a longer view. The first generation of a family to establish wealth must lead the way in creating a 100-year-plan on how to preserve that wealth. A proper 100-year-plan tackles internal family dynamics, the source of wealth and how to execute on its purpose, as well as comprehensive financial services that span from investments to banking to trust services.

  • Expand icon Planning for Businesses
  • First Foundation Advisors has the ability to work with business owners to help them fully understand the opportunities, challenges, expectations and responsibilities associated with life as a business owner as well as after the sale of the business, or retirement.

  • Expand icon Philanthropy Services
  • Whether you view charitable giving through the eyes of an individual, a family, or your business, we can help you with your philanthropic goals.

    The Philanthropy Services Group was established as part of First Foundation Bank's mission to enhance the wealth and well-being of our clients by developing meaningful giving programs aligned with clients’ values.