Louis P. Abel, CFA, CAIA – Chief Investment Officer, Chair of the Investment Committee

It’s been eight years since the financial crisis and Great Recession. The economy seems to be humming on all cylinders. We have experienced remarkably little volatility in the financial markets, despite a swirl of chaos in Washington, a string of deadly natural disasters, and unusually high geopolitical risk. From hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires to a tragic shooting to the existential threat of nuclear war to more mundane issues like a massive data breach and a Hollywood mogul’s rapid fall from grace, the world seems to be crazier than ever. And yet, throughout all this, the stock market keeps hitting new highs. Consumer and business confidence remain high. How much longer can we go before we experience another recession and bear market? In this issue of our Quarterly Update and Outlook, we peer into our crystal ball and attempt to provide some answers... Read More